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AC Mobility Pty Ltd began operations in 1993, designing and manufacturing electric wheelchairs and related accessories. The company is now well established, has developed a broad industry knowledge, and has the ability to prescribe, manufacture and fit a wide range of standard and customized power wheelchairs and fittings for individual clients. Based in Malaga in Western Australia,

  • The company was the first to have its product meet the new Australian wheelchair performance standards AS 3695 in 1994
  • It implemented Quality Assurance ISO9002 in 1997
  • The Quality Assurance System was upgraded to ISO9001:2000 in 2003
  • Its Atigra Mid Wheel Drive won First Prize, Engineers Australia, Commercial Category, College of Biomedical Engineering in 2008
  • AC Mobility was also the winner of the METAL MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS section of the 2010 Pace ZENITH Awards for the Atigra

Better Technology AwardPace Zenith Award

Our staff include a rehabilitation engineer, a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, an industrial designer, a highly experienced seating technician and a toolmaker. They are passionate about wheelchairs and seating, and can bring a great deal of technical expertise and experience to solve wheelchair design problems.

Our team carry out market research with wheelchair clients in regard to their needs, and work closely with local organizations and our dealers across Australia. This helps to ensure that we design "client friendly" and "family friendly" durable products that work.

Our product design Research and Development Program consists of a blending of

  • talking with wheelchair clients and their therapists about user's needs
  • developing concepts for solutions by our team
  • creating sketches and drawings by our industrial designer and mechanical engineer using our Solidworks CAD software, and
  • practical manufacture to test the concepts.

These product developments are then tested with therapists and clients to determine their aesthetic appeal and functional practicality.

Our range of clients include adults and children across a wide range of disabilities. We get a great deal of satisfaction in being able to assist them.

We value client feedback and welcome any suggestions you may have.


Cary Nathan,

Managing Director.


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Magic Mobility

Yet another supplier has agreed to work with us. We are proud to announce that wa can now also supply Magic Mobility power wheelchairs.

Magic has been buidling wheelchairs for many years now. They have an excellent reputation in building Off-Road power wheelchairs. Just have a look on their site.

Extreme X8


AC Mobility moved in Facebook. From just a group we went to a corporate Facebook page. This page will get new post a lot more frequent then the old AC Mobility group. Posts about new products, special pieces of equipment, "meet the team" and random rehab banter.

So come over to facebook and "LIKE" us. Just click on the logo to the right in the "Contact us" section.


Another new product range has been added to the AC Mobility product range. This time it is Rifton who has joined the family.

Rifton has a wide range of peadiatric products and is based in the UK. It is a well build product range with loads of adjustment build in. Our demo fleet has arrived!

Rifton K502

Jenx, Chunck Smirthwaite

AC Mobolity is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive local WA dealer for the Jenx, Chunc and Smirthwaite peadiatric product range. This product range will compliment our already successfull and popular R82 range.

Currently we are still in the early stages of being appointed as a dealer, we are hoping to be up and running properly by August 2012. (5/10/12 Our demo equipment has arrived by now)

Jenx Monkey

MOGO Manual wheelchairs

AC Mobility is proud to announce that we are now the local Western Australia supplier of the Australian build Mogo range of manual wheelchairs.

Mogo has been around for many years by now. They are fully hand build, in Syndey NSW, manual wheelchairs. Mogo chairs are not super ultra feather light weight forged out of exotic materials. But they are high quality, very durable, very good looking, well build honest chairs.

AC Mobility has currently 3 demo models available for trial.

Wheelchair simulator

Check out this cool little program.


This is a virtual power wheelchair game. it is fun, but could also be quite useful for therapist.

X:Panda Atigra

Xpanda Atigra

One of the recent product developments is the X:Panda Atigra. This combination is the best of both worlds. The extremely versatile X:Panda seating system from R82 on the multi award winning Atigra base. Mind you we can also put the X:Panda seat on the Traxx 2 base.

DVA Supplier

AC Mobility is proud to announce that that from this day onwards we can supply to our nations veterans. Please click on the DVA link to find out more.

Exploring the "Pimp My Chair" concept

A wheelchair is an extension of the user. Especially when you are in your chair the whole day. A lot of our clients already "pimp up" their chairs with stickers and covers. We like to find out if we can assist in this. The photo shopped picture below gives a bit of an idea of what we have in mind. Input is welcome!

Pimped Atigra

New entry level power chairs now available

AC Mobility is proud to let the world know that we are now a dealer for the Merits power wheelchairs.
These entry level chairs are excellent value for money and very capable and durable chairs.
For more information click on these model names: Maverick 10, Maverick 12, Manta.


PG Drives product training

Recently AC Mobility has organized a training session for their own staff as well as rehab professionals in Western Australia to learn more about PG Drives controller systems.
We like to thank everybody who came to this most useful training and a special thanks to Peter Yang from PG Drives for sharing his knowledge with all of us.

Peter Yang PG Drives











Seat raise available now

Seat raise test

Recently AC Mobility has developed seat raise for the Atigra and the Traxx 2. The seatraise options offers 300mm, or 12 inch, or 1 foot seat elevation. The seatraise unit comes with 0 to 45 degrees of tilt build in.

To make sure seatraise is save on the Atigra our engineers have done some real world testing. A video report of the testing will be on the website soon.

New dealer in Tasmania

AC Mobility is proud to announce our newest dealer Rob Bradshaw from:

Tasmanian Wheelchair Specialists

Click on the link to see their details.


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